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Restaurant Management System

DINE POS Restaurant Management System

Restaurant Management is made easy with Fudo Restaurant Management System. Fudo RMS allows the restaurant managers and the owners to tightly control how the restaurant staff operates and processes the orders. In today’s competitive world knowing how your business is performing is very essential to make it successful. Having a Restaurant Management System or Restaurant Point of Sales is no longer a luxurious addition it has become a necessity.


The goal of a successful restaurant is to provide a rewarding customer experience so that the customers would visit again and spread the word. Fudo Restaurant Management System enables the staff to provide excellent customer support by providing easy and simple user interface to capture the customer orders and sending them to multiple kitchen printers. The Fudo Restaurant Management System is easy to install and easy to train which enables the management to quickly train the staff and move them to serve the customers.

DINE RMS Features

  • Modern design
  • Fast and easy to operate
  • Designed to work in Fine Dine, Fast Food, Food Court and Take-Out
  • User Access Levels to tightly control order processing
  • Multiple language support (As of now English, Arabic and Sinhala)

  • Multiple KOT Printer support
  • Delivery Order with Customer Info
  • Table order PAX, Take Away, Fast food Service
  • Side Items and Modifiers
  • Item Void & Order Cancellation with authorization

  • Items with size selection (Small / Medium / Large)
  • Print Bill / KOT in multilingual
  • Live Sales Dash Board on POS
  • Dual Screen support (For POS machine with Dual Display)
  • History sales reports

FUDO Restaurant Management System

Our Fudo RMS covers the full range of software’s required to manage a restaurant. It includes Fudo POS (Restaurant POS), Fudo Back Office (Inventory Management Control), Fudo Lite (Mobile App for Waiters) and Fudo KDS (Kitchen Display System). In addition to the mentioned packages we provide Fudo Lite which is a cloud based reporting and monitoring tool for the owners.

Fudo POS Functionality

  • Table Order with PAX
  • Delivery Order with Customer Info
  • Take Away and Self Service
  • Side Items and Modifiers
  • Split Orders / Combine Orders

  • Item Void with authorization
  • Order cancellation with authorization
  • Items with more sizes
  • Multiple KOT printer support
  • Multiple POS terminal support

  • Track delivery man performance
  • Multilingual support
  • Print Bill / KOT in multiple languages
  • Live sales Dashboard
  • Dual Display Support (Second Monitor)

Fudo Live (Cloud Based Reporting System)

Fudo Live is a cloud based reporting system which allows you to view the live sales in a dashboard and has multiple reports to view past transactions.

Fudo Live Functionality

  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Fully responsive (Mobile / Tab support)
  • Manage menu items
  • Manage menu images
  • Change prices from anywhere
  • Monitor Live Sales
  • Multiple Reports

  • Manage Table / Sections of outlet
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Multiple Location supported
  • Multiple Concepts supported
  • Multilingual support
  • Print Report or Save as PDF Manage Foreign currency rates

Fudo Lite (Order Taking Mobile App)

Fudo Lite is a waiter order taking mobile application for android OS. Fudo Lite can support Android Phones or Android TAB’s.

Fudo Lite Functionality

  • Table Order with PAX
  • Open Checks Lookup
  • Easy Navigation
  • Side Items and Modifiers

  • Supports Phone or Tablet
  • Runs on Android and Windows
  • Multilingual support

Fudo Back Office (Inventory Management System)

Fudo back office is inventory management system for restaurant. It allows you to record all raw material movements and supports recipe management as well.

Fudo Back Office Functionality

  • Raw material creation
  • Material request
  • Purchase Order creation
  • GRN (Purchase) Entry
  • Transfer between locations

  • Partial and Full Stock Count
  • Raw material wastage
  • Stock related reports
  • Kitchen Issue Note by department
  • Recipe Management

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